The Earth deserve that each of us gave it a minute of our time.

The age of Earth is about 4.5 milliards of years. Over the last century we have rapidly nudged it to an environmental catastrophe. If the situation continues, it will be easier for nature to get rid of humanity than to endure it. In vain we think, that we have a lot of time. At best, we have several decades to correct our mistakes. 


Foreword front the presentational film.

The truly great people do not consider themselves so. They know how to enjoy other people’s success, how to help others and try to pass their knowledge to future generations. They understand that they are not immortal and treat the lives of others with respect. These simple truths are the only values for a strong future.

Everything else is just an imitation of the empty superiority of one’s position over the world. This superiority gives an imaginary hope to the millions of people for the realization of their dreams and gradually leads to the destruction of the world and humanity.

Because of this, we are not managing situations, but just feel an illusion of its control. The bureaucracy, arrogance, no sence of the future are making our world cruel and vulnerable.



What is next?

Modern world is gaining a speed, on path of which there should be no medieval barriers. To change it, we invented a product, that can connect opportunities of influential people and youth abilities in a real time.

Now, via internet we will get a universal tool, that would give us additional opportunities to colonize Mars, to invent new sources of energy and change our views on world.

We are creating a digital paradise, in which each user will get a controller to his/her life.

We made an incredible work to find out new ways of communication between people and countries, that will generate people’s wishes into reality and will give us an opportunity to care about our planet’s future.

Part one

Hello! My name is Pavel Chernov. I am a manager of a social IT project Planet of Cities. I never thought that my path of a Russian start upper would lead me to such appeal format, by which I would like to discuss the future that we prepared for our children and following generations all over the world.

Unfortunately, people can embellish the planet, they can destroy it. This thin line hasmade a goal for us to change the people’s attitude to the future. Could make the world joyful? It depends on each of us.

I convinced, that the saving of our planet is the most important mission for people in the 21st century, so I want to propose you my views on how to solve this problem by an integrated approach to human capital development.

Some time ago I got an idea to concentrate the potential of the world wide web to change everyone’s views about the world’s development and Earth safety. While I was solving this task, the outlines of a closed information system, that could help to realize space, science, educational, technological, ecological and other problems, has appeared.

Presentational film.

I suggest you watch this translated-to-English presentational film on the full screen in YouTube☝🏻

Project Planet of Cities closes on a large part of the Internet and gives new opportunities to market participants.

You get extensive access to almost everything: history, talent people, opinions, positions, intellectual sources, investors, projects, politicians, meetings, culture, business, etc. This list could be continued till the infinity.

Project’s mission.

There is a lot of injustice, anger, resentment, and pain in the world. Also, there is a problem of social inequality. The ecological collapse is coming.

If we will not introduce the new lifestyle to humanity, in which each person transfers from the state of ruthless exploiter to the consciousness of a careful creator, then all efforts will be futile.

It is indifferent to an unrealized individual what will happen to him and others tomorrow. This is a grief to all of us. Therefore, we did as much as we can different entry points on the road to the positive changes in our life.

The happier each of us will be, the fewer wars, lies, crime and abandoned children will remain.

As a result, the atmosphere of happiness and love will lead to respect for the world around us.This is our final goal.


The human’s intellect is suitable for the redefying its destiny. However, we do not have time for the critic’s assessment and stretched out discussions. It takes our life and gradually robbing our future.

Nowadays, the world is in need of medical breakthroughs, saving technologies and techniques for working with the human’s minds, but not in the skeptics.

I do not believe that we can eliminate the Texas-sized Great Pacific Garbage Patch by critiquing it.

The scheme in which one creator depends on thousands of theorists and skeptics is the greatest mistake of the 21st century. It is possessing an enormous threat.


Today, our future mostly depends on «arbitrators». Aren’t we risking too much? I am convinced that this is an extraordinary problem for the world, so I will pay more attention to it.

Their ways of thinking are genially amazing. They see life as time require them to see it. Particularly they will discover whole new life forms on the other galaxies, while the older generation that is so much depended, will make a doubt on their ideas.

Is it sounds fair to you?

Many critics are frequently taking enthusiasm and passion from young people who want to try their ideas that could save lives, preserve peace and change the world for the better living. The fact that wonders me the most, is that critics are absolutely notresponsible for their decisions.

Youth and ambitions connected with the wisdom of older generations is the only way to preserve the future of people and Earth.

That is why project Planet of Cities is made to generate the best decisions and to pick up all the necessary components for implementation ideas.

Each person will get an opportunity to help the common project. Each idea and talant will have a right to be heard by society. Then, the whole society gradually will begin to move to the state of happiness and success.

Part two

Dear politicians, businessmen, journalists, world cinema, art and sports stars!

Today, the fate of milliards people depends on your decisions and concernment. I want to believe that you will not stay aside. I believe, that on Planet of Cities we can make the contact group interaction format that would allow us to solve complicated problems effectively and fast.

It is obvious that this work is time-consuming and requires acommon effort. I want to propose you to make Planet of Cities’ development an open international internet construction.

By following this way we can engage in this project people from all over the world, which will give an opportunity to select the best minds and offers, work out the new forms of business communications, etc.

The speed is the most important thing nowadays. I convinced, that project Planet of Cities is my life mission. That is why while I am young, I need to embody all the main points of this project, to tune it for future generations.

In this regard, I have a public request to you for help. Could you take a photo with any gadget on the background in this format?

You can download the logo for the background here


By this way, your wish can greatly influence the finding the solutions for the tasks, that other project-users could develop to unexpected results.

The simplicity and the home atmosphere of this media campaign will be a great example for others. It will call out the feeling of involvement, by which we can be altogether regardless of rank and status.

It’s a hope for the bright future and faith in every person.


Also, you are giving a chance to talented youth to give a taste of their quality all over the world. The contrast of views and difference of skills will give an opportunity for countries to create a healthy competition.

This will be very interesting for the innovative environment because project Planet of Cities is the internet-government, that is able to effectively interact with many third-party projects. Especially, for the science, education, ecological, art and social directions.

Superficially, you have learned about 10% of the project. For this moment, we need your support to complete other 90% of the Planet of Cities.Let’s leave the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our world for future generations! I believe that we can do it. I believe in people

Right now you can help us with distribution of information about our project. Please, share this invitation with your business partners, colleagues and friends!

You can send financial assistance PayPal, that will be used to translate the presentation on other languages and to pay for advertisement services.

The assistance might be different. You can choose how you want to help us. Perhaps, you can show this presentation to an influential person or you can ask your friends to distribute the project information.

I suggest you subscribe to the official project pages on social networks, where we can meet and chat with each other. Also, the date when talents will be able to try themselves to become a part of the Planet of Cities’ team, will be announced in these social networks.


With the confidence to an interesting conversation, your Pavel Chernov.
You can download the logo for the background here

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